Winter Warm Up

I love all four seasons in Minnesota. Somehow the changing weather suits my changing moods, so it’s a good fit.  And although I appreciate a brisk winter day, when the temperature plummeted from a balmy 60 to a windy 30 on Monday and the icy winds blew, I just could not get warm.  After trying a couple of my go-to remedies (wool sweater, hot bath, cup of tea….) I turned to the the kitchen to bring the heat.  The result is this bone-warming Winter Chicken Soup.

Winter Chicken Soup

Full of flavor and a touch of heat, a bowl of this Winter Chicken Soup will warm you and your family up quickly.  As a bonus, it’s super healthy, re-heats beautifully and is a breeze to adapt to your tastes. I think you’ll be happy to add it to your winter repertoire.

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