Welcome to my kitchen!

Welcome to KilKenney Kitchen -” Where good food meets real life”  I am thrilled to begin this blog and I hope to tempt you to come along with me.

It seems fitting to start things off with a bit about me and KilKenney Kitchen

I am Maggie Kilpatrick: a “woman of a certain age” and a mom of two boys – Jack (20) and  Charlie (16).  I am married to Bill Kenney – hence the name KilKenney – it has morphed into our family name over the years. KilKenney Kitchen is our home kitchen and my favorite place on earth.

I am a person who’s been living with celiac disease for the last 25 years – long before we had gluten free gourmet  (anyone remember those squeaky Quaker rice cakes?)  I am a culinary enthusiast, a damn fine home cook, a fearless recipe experimenter, a kitchen gardener and lover of unique food markets. I’m a supporter of local food sources, a woman who loves to cook, eat and share great food and most of all a realist when it comes to putting good food on the table.

I am not a professional chef, a food snob, an exclusive grocery store shopper, a picky eater, or an expert on much of anything.

I am embarking on this journey to discuss all things good food.  I plan to post at least once a week and will share great recipes with you – some my own, some I find in my travels.  I will write about cooking techniques, food finds, restaurant experiences, kitchen tools & equipment and many things I haven’t thought of yet.

I will take you on a field trip once a month or so to local and not-so-local food related places (think ethnic markets, farms, restaurant supply stores, farmer’s markets etc..)  I will also ask my super talented friends to join me here to share their expertise, kitchen tricks, techniques and recipes.

Although this is not a blog about Celiac Disease, all of the recipes will be gluten free so feel free to share the blog with your gluten intolerant friends.

I invite you to impart your wisdom on the blog too.  If you have ideas, questions, suggestions or complaints please comment here.

I look forward to taking this trip together.  If you’d like to get regular updates, subscribe by adding your email to the list on the right.



20 thoughts on “Welcome to my kitchen!”

  1. Maggie,

    Congratulations on your launch! Very fitting to do so on the day of your birth! Happy Birthday and let the Blog begin.

    Love you, Bill

  2. For the record, Maggie is a SUPER damn fine home cook. It has been a pleasure to eat countless meals she has prepared over the past 28 years and to even share the kitchen with her from time to time. Looking forward to learning even MORE from you, Maggie!

  3. Congratulations on your launch, Maggie! What a lucky name you have–we spent time in Kilkenny, Ireland last summer, and it was such a wonderful place with great food! I look forward to learning more about what you’re “cooking up” in KilKenney kitchen!

  4. Maggie! Happy birthday and congrats on the new blog! I am looking forward to trying out the recipes and following your food travels. Pat

  5. Congratulations Magster! The Sister’s (closet Foodies not nearly as talented as you!) are all so proud of you for launching this exciting work, and on your birthday no less. I am confident you will get to add “blogger” after your long list of talents such as awesome wife, mother, friend…
    Slainte’ to Kilkenney Kitchen!

  6. Congrats on starting the blog Aunt Maggie!! Looking forward to getting some great recipes from you 🙂 Hurry up and come to NYC so we can visit some new restaurants and you can write about them!
    xox Nikki

  7. Happy Belated Birthday and Congratulations on your new endeavor.
    Although cooking for one is not much fun, I love to try new and different
    veggie and soup recipes….look forward to your recommendations, recipes
    and comments in the coming weeks. I will love to share them with my GV
    friends during the winter months….Addy

  8. Maggie, we did something different from “ham easter dinner” this year: served your savory cilantro rice, pickled onions and “pulled pork-o-rama” tacos. The meal was a huge hit with all the guests requesting the recipe! Thanks for keeping things new and fun (and really easy for a non-cook like me). I really love the slow cooker recipes! Keep ’em comin’.

    Jeanne Cotter

  9. Hi Maggie, It’s Bill’s cousin Cathy from Wyoming. So sorry I missed you when we were in the cities, your husband was a fine host and followed your recipes well. I was just thinking of a gluten free peach desert and remembered your website. Congrats to you and hi to the family. Cathy Oz

  10. Maggie,

    Your blog is amazing in so many ways – mainly, so easy to grab a recipe and directions for nutritious and delicious dinner or snack in a flash! Your husband, Bill, shared the blog with me after realizing I am GF (and vegetarian). Cheers to Maggie & Bill!

    1. Thank you, Susan! I’m glad you enjoy it. Please feel free to pass it along to anyone you think my like it too. I also love suggestions if you are looking for a recipe to be GF that you haven’t found.

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