Curried Rice

This terrific rice dish has been a favorite since I was a child. This recipe is adapted from my Aunt Ann's recipe. It's a delicious side dish with everything from chicken to pork to fish. I also love to top the leftover rice with a couple of fried eggs- dreamy!

Leftover Turkey Soup

This light, tasty soup is the perfect vehicle for your Thanksgiving leftovers. Almost everything goes in the pot with the turkey carcass and a few hours later you have a fabulous soup.

Savory Rice with Ginger and Cilantro

I first made this rice to go with my Vietnamese Pork Burgers. Everyone loved it so much, I now make it all the time. It pairs well with chicken, pork and all manner of Mexican dishes, including my Chicken Enchiladas. It smells fantastic as it cooks and tastes wonderful too. Adapted from an Epicurious recipe