Cracking the Code

Have you ever struggled something you just couldn’t figure out?  Truth be told, it’s a pretty regular occurrence for me. I’m happy to report, however, that I’m up one success in 2018!

My recent nemesis, silly as it sounds, is Mexican Rice. As a person with Celiac Disease and a caterer I serve rice a lot, particularly with Mexican menus.

I have tried, in vain, for years to get it just right.  Now, I admit that after I toss a, less than tasty, test batch in a soup or casserole, it’s a little too easy to pick up a quart of the gold standard from El Burrito Mercado, my favorite Mexican Market in St. Paul.

But….as a new year dawned, I decided it was time to give it another go.  I compiled all the tomato stained recipe notes I could find, and sought some wise counsel from my friend Claricia and, by jove, I think I got it!  The resulting savory, spicy, lucious Mexican Rice is a winner….finally!

Marvelous Mexican Rice

I invite you to make a big batch and serve it with everything from tacos like my Tacos Al Pastor to poached eggs.



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