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Not the Same old Summer Salad

I am almost alway happy in KilKenney Kitchen - but this time of the year, it's extra special.  Beautiful fresh vegetables are everywhere I look.  The farmer's markets, roadside stands, co-ops and neighborhood gardens are overflowing with bounty. Once home with my haul, I have a tendency to fall into making my old stand by's… Continue reading Not the Same old Summer Salad

Sautéed Summer Squash

This easy, quick sauté celebrates the beauty and fresh flavor of farm fresh zucchini and yellow squash. Ready for dinner in a few minutes, the leftovers are also wonderful in salads, quinoa bowls and omelettes.
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As much as I love the holidays, I'm always ready when January arrives.  Although I try to stay away from big New Year's resolutions, a focus on healthy eating seems doable and welcomed by almost everyone. After many lovely, albeit decadent, meals over the last month, a quick, flavorful vegetable seemed like the right place to… Continue reading Ahhh……

Roasted Broccoli

Simple, gorgeous and surprisingly delicious, this broccoli hardly makes it to the dinner table it goes so fast. Perfect with fish, chicken, beef or your favorite vegetarian meal, it expect will become a regular in your kitchen too.

Cauliflower Rice

This Splendid Shortcut is a Kitchen favorite. Quick and easy, using frozen cauliflower makes this recipe a perfect weeknight side dish. Savory and delicious, use this fabulous cauliflower to replace rice in almost any dish.

Roasted Zoodles

I love to use my spiralizer for this recipe. It creates beautiful and delicious vegetable noodles that are versatile and fun. I love to serve this roasted version along with grilled chicken, with a few roasted shrimp on top or in a salad.