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Maggie Kilpatrick

Hello and welcome!

I am Maggie Kilpatrick; a “woman of a certain age” and a mom of two young men – Jack (23) and Charlie (19). I am married to Bill Kenney – hence the name KilKenney – it has morphed into our family name over the years. KilKenney Kitchen is our home kitchen and my favorite place on earth.

I am a person who’s been living with celiac disease for the last 30 years – long before we had gluten free gourmet (anyone remember those squeaky Quaker rice cakes?). All of the recipes I create and share here in KilKenney Kitchen are gluten free, and fabulous! I am a culinary enthusiast, a damn fine home cook, a fearless recipe experimenter, a kitchen gardener and a lover of unique food markets. I’m a supporter of local food sources, a woman who loves to cook, eat and share great food and most of all a realist when it comes to putting good food on the table.

I am not a professional chef, a food snob, an exclusive grocery store shopper, a picky eater, or an expert on much of anything – which doesn’t stop me from sharing my opinion, though!

7 thoughts on “About Maggie”

  1. Hi Maggie – This is Phyllis Hartigan – your cousin! My mom told me about your blog and I am thrilled to connect with you this way. I look forward to seeing your recipes. I love that you named your son Jack. But more importantly, sorry to hear about your mom. She was a great woman. Phyllis

  2. Thank you for sharing your blog. I always check your new recipes and I have a couple of favorites from your early days — the chicken with special sauce and the crazy good cauliflower. I have forwarded your blog to friends because, just as you say in your bio, your recipes are practical, for real cooks who want to give their families good, healthful and delicious meals. I love it.

    1. Thank you, Tatiana!

      I’m glad you are enjoying it. Please let me know if there are other ideas you’d like me to develop recipes for – I love suggestions and feedback

  3. Maggie, I have a friend with some health issues who needs to eat good food, (including gluten free). She is looking for someone who could prepare meals for her to put in her freezer. Is this anything you would consider doing as part of your catering? Your recipes are delicious, and I think you could entice her to eat.

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